Thursday, 13 September 2012

Starting to spin

As a knitter and crocheter, spinning is something I've heard a lot about. I've always been kind of interested in it, but I certainly don't have the money or the space for a spinning wheel. Earlier in the year I added a spindle to my birthday/Christmas list for this December, but a few weeks ago I had a bit of 'found money' so I decided to treat myself.

This is (deep breath) an Ashford top-whorl student drop spindle. I bought it on eBay from Forest Fibres. It came in a kit with instructions and five different colours of merino wool roving so I was set to go.

So far I've been getting on with it pretty well. It's frustrating, because I've realised that I had this subconscious idea that because I'm an experienced knitter and crocheter I would be able to spin already, which is of course not how it works! My drafting is very uneven, I keep forgetting which way I was spinning the spindle and my plying is atrocious. If you don't believe me, here's a photo of the worst yarn in the world:

I had some similar in orange and brown too, and it did look a bit better when it was knit up:

I think I am getting a bit better. I'm sure I just need practice. There is something very calming about it all. And you do feel awfully clever afterwards. Next up is to spin enough of the orange to make a little hat for Felicity.

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  1. Wow looks good fun but quite difficult. I am sure it needs lots of practice.