Friday, 5 October 2012

Emily's Trousers

Emily is a bum-shuffler. Her preferred method of locomotion is to sit on her bum and pull herself along with her feet. She's been doing this for over a year now and, as you might imagine, it has rather a detrimental effect on her trousers.

(she very rarely wears dresses - bare legs on the floor get sore, and tights develop holes after a couple of wearings)

I'm loathe to buy her new trousers, as she will surely be walking soon (surely) (oh please) and then I can buy new ones knowing that they are safe from holes. So I collected her best, warmest pairs of trousers, and found some thick bits of fabric, and made some patches.

Then I sewed them in place with three rows of coloured stitching. By hand, because using the machine on toddler-sized trousers seemed far too fiddly.

Emily is helpfully showing you the new patches. 'Trousers!' she says. It's a good job she's so adorable.

(and to forestall some of the comments, yes, her doctor is aware that she's not walking. It's all under control)


  1. wow is that Emily in the picture? She's almost standing !

  2. Yes that is Emily! She can do this sort of squatting thing, and sometimes will push up a bit into a crouch. But never all the way up

  3. They are lovely! Although if she's bum shuffling you can't see her little bottom with a heart on!