Monday, 14 January 2013

Socks for Teddy

For all my talk, I did actually knit one Christmas present. Laura's Teddy developed cold feet in November, and was being dragged around everywhere in an old pair of her socks. I decided I would knit him a nice new pair of socks and sneakily measured his feet one day while Laura was at school.

After a quick look through some old knitting books I selected some garter stitch bootees from a Debbie Bliss book (Quick Baby Knits I think). I found some red chunky yarn, did a quick swatch, and found out that happily the bootees would fit Teddy as written, provided I made them a bit shorter in the foot.

Each bootee took an evening and they were both wrapped up under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning. Unfortunately one of them didn't see out January (it's either at Milton Keynes shopping centre or somewhere in Costco) but I had nearly enough yarn to make one more, and they now have hair tie garters holding them in place (it had to be finished off with some different red DK yarn held double, hence the slightly different-coloured patch on one heel).

And Laura has declared that Teddy needs 'more clothes'. She thinks a jumper next. And that Emily's teddy (which, happily, is much smaller) also needs jumper. And then her teddy needs a hat. And probably some more things she hasn't thought of yet. It's a good job I love knitting for my girls.

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