Monday, 15 April 2013

Laura's Penguin Hat

Over a month. Oh dear. I had two magazine patterns to write, which I couldn't post about, and which took up a lot of time. Then I was ill. Then it was the Easter holidays. Still is, really, because it's an inset day and Laura won't be back at school until tomorrow.

I did manage to make at least one thing though! Laura wanted a penguin hat (long story) so we looked at patterns on Ravelry. Then I mostly improvised one for her. We went out to a local open farm the next day and Laura wore it all day.

Now Emily wants a toy penguin. I expect we can manage that.

Linking up with Handmade Monday, go and look at all the lovely blogs! So many beautiful things people have been making.


  1. I love the hat! Another magazine pattern?

  2. Someone is going to ask for a real penguin next I think........

  3. Wonderful hat. Your daughter looks like she's very pleased with it.
    Ali x

  4. Love the large eyes - lovely. Nice to be able to please your daughter.

  5. That hat is FAB! She looks so happy and sweet in it!