Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Making a blanket with #crafttheparcel

Towards the end of last year I got an email asking if I'd like to be part of #crafttheparcel. The idea was that a group of nine crafters would each make a 12" blanket square, send them to each other using the new InPost system, and it would be assembled to make a lovely blanket. That sounded like fun, so I thought I would give it a go. :)

I wanted to knit a square, and to make it nice and chunky and cosy I used 8mm needles and double-knitting yarn held double. This let me play with the colours a bit as well - I used one ball of medium blue throughout, and for the second yarn used stripes of other colours of blue, working roughly from light to dark.

I knit the square diagonally because that made it easiest to get the right size. It's a really simple pattern - cast on 3, increase in the first stitch in each row until one of the straight sides is the size you want, then decrease in the first two stitches in each row until you have three stitches left, then cast off.

Which left me with something a bit like this! And lots of ends to weave in. Once I'd done those, I added a border and made a crochet star to go on top.

Then I just sewed on the star, and added some sequins for a bit of extra sparkle!

All finished! And it's now been sent off to join its blanket square friends. This was a fun project and I hope the completed blanket will make lots of money for charity.

I received compensation towards materials, postage costs and my time.

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