Thursday, 28 May 2009

Teeny-Tiny Knitting

That's a 1:12 scale dress and hat, hand-knitted by yours truly. It's the second such thing I made; my first go was a little pink aran jumper but Mum has that so I can't take a picture. She had to finish it off, anyway, as I knit all the pieces properly but then mucked up the finishing (I sewed the sleeve seam to the side of the body, then when I tried to unpick it I accidentally unpicked my cast-off, which I'm sure could happen to anybody). Fortunately Mum has more patience than me, and picked up all the stitches and sewed it all up neatly. Thanks Mum!

This is my next one:

It's going to be a cardigan but is still only half done. Might finish it today.

And in other news:

Four years ago today. And I wouldn't change a second.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009


The problem is that I've been working on some presents recently, things that are surprises, and I think that posting about them all over the internet might ruin the surprise. So. I've been taking pictures (except of one thing, I forgot), and I'll share them when the time is right.

Makes for boring blogging though.

One other thing I've just started working on is doing some knitting for my Mum - she designs knitting patterns for dolls house items (buy them now at Bitstobuy!), and sells some ready-made dolls house bits on eBay as well. I've started knitting up some of these tiny things for her to sell - they are a bit fiddly but, as they are so small, don't take too long! I knitted an entire jumper on Sunday. I bet there aren't many people who can say that.

Thursday, 14 May 2009


The pattern is called River Rapids, but I'm thinking of them as my springtime socks. The colour and the pattern make me think of new green shoots, squiggling up towards the sun.

Monday, 11 May 2009

April showers bring May flowers

And evening sitting means lots of knitting!

(I won't admit how long I spent trying to think of that rhyme)

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Gardening time again

Yesterday I had another go at the garden. Just weeding mainly; also, working out in my head what I want to use to fill in the gaps this year. I need to pop along to the garden centre and get some bedding plants for round the front, and I might look for some more of the spreading alpine plants as well, for round the back. They are pretty and fill in the beds nicely. I didn't get round to growing any flowers from seed this year but never mind. Next year maybe.

The main addition to our garden this year, of course, is the baby's swing!

It has lengthening bits to go on the legs when she's taller, and a normal swing seat that can be swapped in. She loves it!