Tuesday, 30 June 2009

The sun has got his hat on

Lovely hot weather this week - I do love the sun! Unfortunately my skin doesn't so I've been applying plenty of sun cream (to the baby also). That's the only thing I dislike about summer, really.

I've been doing some designing lately - a new top for the baby (hope to get the pattern written up for that and put it up on Ravelry), and a dolls house bedspread (which is on hold because I've run out of the 2-ply yarn - fortunately I'm going to see my supplier (Mum) next weekend). Designing is fun! But can be frustrating. Especially when I learn that I and my maths A-level can't count to 4.

And because blog posts are better with pictures, here's the skirt I sewed a few weeks ago, the last time the weather was hot. I sort-of followed a pattern (a Simplicity one I think....no idea on the number) and simplified some bits.

I like this picture because I look very slim. Also short-legged, but I'm used to looking short-legged by now.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

How My Garden Grows

With roses...

And apples...

And sweet peas, holding hands.

Monday, 22 June 2009

Weekend Knitting

On Friday, about 5pm, I cast on for the Mossy Jacket by Fawn Pea (Ravelry link). And by the middle of Top Gear on Sunday - so about 8:30pm - I was sewing on the buttons. I love knitting baby clothes on 6.5mm needles!

Here it is in all its glory:

I really liked this pattern. It was quick, easy and looks good. And it is slightly on the large size of fitting, which is what I was aiming for (these babies and their growing, honestly). This is the 12-months size, on a nearly-ten-month-old baby:

Cute! And she knows it.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Teeny Tiny Update

I've put a couple of dolls house bits in the shop - this blue stripy jumper:

And this white lacy cardigan:

Monday, 15 June 2009

Further received gift-ery

The other piece of present-knitting has reached its destination, and the recipient has very kindly taken a photo of it for me to share with you (I lose at photographing things before I post them).

This is My So-Called Scarf (Ravelry Link). I used some Red Heart SuperSaver in Blueberry Pie, that was sent to me by an American friend a year or two ago. It's the same yarn that I knitted up into a pinwheel blanket last year, but I ended up undoing it and winding the yarn back up into a ball to wait for another project. I still have nearly half of it left, I think. The repeats of the colours worked really well with this pattern; there's a small amount of pooling, which is nice, but not too much, which might not be. Wish I could remember how many stitches I cast on. But the chunky wool and big needles (8mm I think) mean that this was a nice quick knit, especially once the pattern was memorised (after about two rows).

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Pattern: Knitted Belt

Playing about with some knitting books from the library led to this belt.

The pattern is so ridiculously simple that I had it memorised after about an inch of knitting, and I share it here with you:

Cast on 6 stitches
Row 1: Knit three, yarn over, slip one, knit one, pass slipped stitch over, knit one
Row 2: Purl three, yarn over, purl two together, purl one
Repeat until it's as long as you want it. I found it easy to remember by thinking 'three stitches, increase, decrease, stitch'.

You can then either cast off normally, or to make a pointy end, I did the following:

Row 1: Knit one, knit two together, slip one, knit one, pass slipped stitch over, knit one
Row 2: Purl all stitches
Row 3: Knit two together, slip one, knit one, pass slipped stitch over
Break yarn and pull through two remaining stitches

Ta da!

I used Patons Washed Haze Aran (an aran/worsted weight cotton and acrylic blend) and 4mm needles. And a buckle I found in my button box.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Saffron the Stegosaurus

One of my pieces of present-knitting has been received:

Apparently her name is Saffron (the dinosaur, not the little girl).

The pattern is the knitted stegosaurus from What Cheer, Netop? (Ravelry link). The trickiest part for me was the short rows to shape the body - I tried following the wrap and turn instructions on the pattern and got in a bit of a mess, so I made it up from then on, and it went better. When I put the toy together I had to sew up a couple of holes made by my crappy wrapping. But I don't think it shows.

(also, new in the shop - blue and red buttoned bookmarks)

Monday, 8 June 2009

So what's in the shop?

Warning: blatant self-promotion coming up. :)

I said that I'd re-opened my etsy shop but not what I'd actually put in it. So here's what we have at the moment; and as I update, I'll stick it in the nearest blog post, along with whatever else I have to say.

I re-listed a few things to start with, things that were in there before and didn't sell. A couple of my little cats:

And this little mousey:

I've reduced the original prices on those, to try and get them moving.

I've also put up a few new things I made. This here is a bookmark:

But it is no ordinary bookmark, for it buttons around the spine of the book, meaning it can't fall out or get lost. It's nice and long so it'll fit most sizes of reading book. There're more pictures on the shop listing, and I'm planning on making more of these in difference colours. I have a green one that I use all the time, so if these don't sell, I'm happy to use them myself. :)

And finally, some freeform bracelets:

Freeform as in, I started at one end with some yarn, a hook and some beads and buttons, and stopped when it was bracelet length. These were really fun to make, and I see some more of these in my future as well!

So let me know what you think! I'd love some feedback. And also if anyone has any ideas of things they would like to see, that would be great too!

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

What do you get if cross a TINY sheep with a TINY kangaroo

A tiny woolly jumper!

That's the first piece of miniature knitting I did, the one that Mum had to sew up. She sent me a photo so I could put it up here. Thanks Mum! I've finished the first miniature cardigan, as well, then I put down my tiny needles for a couple of days to work on my (person-sized) purple cardigan. I've also been doing a bit of dressmaking; I wanted a denim skirt, and couldn't find one I liked, and then remembered that a couple of years ago a friend sent me a pattern for an A-line skirt and some fabrics, one of which was a denim. So I've been working on that, and it's nearly finished - just need to do the bottom hem. Hopefully I'll get that done tonight. Then I can get the husband to take some photos and show you all!

I've also decided to re-open my shop (link in the top right). Not much there at the moment but I've got more bits to add in, slowly. Please take a look!

Monday, 1 June 2009

June Roses

The rose bush by my front door is in bloom.

I have no idea what variety of rose it is, because it came with the house*, but I think it is lovely. It smells just gorgeous and the flowers are a proper rose pink.

Every time I go in or out of the front door I have to pick up a flower and have a good sniff.

*That is, it was already growing there in the bed when we bought the house. Although that does remind me that we did literally get a rose free with the house; the estate agents were doing some sort of promotion whereby if you bought a house from them, you got a voucher for a free rose plant from a local garden centre. I chose a red one and it's in the back garden. It isn't flowering yet but I'm sure once it does, I'll share some photos.