Thursday, 29 September 2011

My garden is full of bricks

That is the view through the patio doors to my left, and the reason my photos are getting darker. I used to have lovely light on the table behind me but now it is being steadily blocked out. One day the patio doors will be in that new space instead and I'll have a lovely big kitchen diner. In the meantime I just watch the bricks moving around and make a lot of tea.

Monday, 26 September 2011


It's funny, being a grown-up. I enjoyed doing my Art sketchbooks when I was at school (although I usually turned out to be being creative Wrong) and it only recently occurred to me that I could buy a sketchbook now and do whatever I wanted with it. Such as spend a whole page playing with the doodles that I used to draw down the sides of my Science notes.

the M is my favourite

or how about some flowers and twiddly shapes

Apparently this is actually a thing, and it's called 'zentangles' or 'zendoodles'. On Pinterest I found lots of ideas and tutorials and all kinds of things (I made a zentangle board, if you're interested) and I want to give some of those patterns a try. In my very own sketchbook.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Emily's button book

Emily loves buttons. If you're wearing a top with buttons on she will grab them and chew them, and she chews buttons on her own clothes. She is of course still too little to play with my button box so I dug out some felt and made her a little book she can hold and play with.

It's quite a simple design, two rectangles of felt which I first embroidered and embellished and then sewed together, back to back, with blanket stitch. Then I folded the piece in half to make a book and blanket-stitched down the spine.

I went with a simple colour theme to make it look a little more thought-out.

My main project at the moment is also for Emily - I want to finish her birth sampler, hopefully in time to hang it up in her new bedroom. The bricklayers are nearly up to the first-floor joists so I'd better crack on.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Mr. Dinosaur

Laura has recently become a fan of Peppa Pig. Peppa, as I'm sure all of you with small children are aware, has a little brother called George, and George has a favourite toy called Mr. Dinosaur. Laura has now decided that her favourite colour is green (it was, previously, red) and she also informed me that she needed a dinosaur. We had a look at Ravelry together and chose the Baby Snow Dragon crochet pattern by Marjorie Jones. Et voilĂ .

I modified the pattern a bit to point it a bit more dinosaur-wards. I left off the ears and the eyelids, and I made the spine points out of felt because I didn't want them to match the body, but Laura insisted they needed to be green and I didn't have another shade of green yarn handy.

Next up - a felt book with lots of sewn-on buttons for Emily. Child is obsessed with buttons.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Halloween Knitting Patterns for Pukifee and Lati Yellow

So here's what's in my Hallowe'en book! It's more of a supplement really, just a small collection of fun patterns.

As well as the miniature pumpkin (about 1.5"/3.5cm in diameter)

you can also make this pumpkin hat

a cute black cat trick or treat bag

and this cloak and hat for a wicked witch (or a wizard!).

(the black dress there is made using the Pixie Dress pattern in my first ebook, Brilliant Basics).

The pattern ebook costs £4.

All the items in the book are also now listed in my Etsy shop, so click here if you'd like a tiny pumpkin or witch outfit for your doll, without the effort of making it yourself. :)

Monday, 12 September 2011

Autumn again

Where did summer go? I don't know.

Laura started pre-school today. She seems to have taken it completely in her stride, no worries, I'm not sure I can say the same for me! She returned with two paintings and a cut-out dinosaur with rice glued onto it. It was very odd to just have Emily at home, but nice to be able to give her some dedicated attention for once.

But the main big going-on here is that work has finally started on our new house extension! We've been planning it for about a year, but the start was delayed by my husband's unemployment. Now he's back in work we can press on. So far we have foundations and some blockwork, more work on the floor this week and then the walls can start going up properly. Very exciting! We'll gain a much bigger kitchen and dining room, and we'll lose the boxroom but have two new bedrooms for the girls.

And in crafty news, I finished my Hallowe'en book a little bit ago. I'll do a proper separate post about it soon, but for the moment, it is available in my Etsy shop or through my beep beep miniatures website if you're interested.