Monday, 31 October 2011

Stay your wandering feet

I haven't been able to show you one of my most recent projects, because it was a present for a friend, but she's received it now so I can show it off! My friend Amy just bought her first house so I made her an embroidered picture for her wall.

I chose a quote from Jane Eyre because that is a book we both love.

The background is a blackwork pattern I chose from a cross-stitch book I have, the same one that had the alphabet I used. It took a bit longer than I thought it would but I love the way it looks.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

New shop site!

I finally got round to finishing up the new Wind The Bobbin Up site! It's at and you can now buy all the lovely colourful buttons and ribbons directly through the site.

I'm so pleased to have finally finished it, and have it up for all the world to see! And hopefully treat themselves to some lovely crafty bits. :)

Monday, 24 October 2011


I started writing this post about a month ago and just now found it, unfinished. But I think it's still a good one so here goes.

Inspired once again by my lovely sister, Laura made some suncatchers.

You need some clear sticky-backed plastic. I managed to pick up a few rolls at Tesco for only 18p each which I thought was quite a bargain! Cut out a rectangular piece, put it plastic side down on the table, and unpeel and fold back the paper on one half. I used blue-tack to hold the plastic against the table and the paper back in place.

Then give your small child some bits of tissue paper, sequins, short bits of yarn, anything you like, and have them stick them onto the plastic. The tissue paper worked particularly well.

Then is the tricky bit - once the suncatcher is declared complete, pull off all the paper, and caaaarefully fold the sticky plastic back over the decorated portion and smooth it into place. I will freely admit that most of Laura's ended up a bit creasy in places, it's harder than it sounds!

Edit: and now I've found one of the finished ones, I can add a photo! Here is one of Laura's creations:

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Laura's Creative Space

AKA the dining room table, being used for robot production. Main ingredient: glitter glue.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Songs you sing to your children

I got this one from my sister Jen (it's her birthday tomorrow, happy birthday Jen!).

I sing around the house a lot. A lot a lot. A lot of the time it's variations on the same song, a song about whichever child is nearest at the time, to whatever tune is in my head at the time. For example, to You Are My Sunshine we might have 'You are my Emily, you are so lovely, you are so cuddly, every day' etc.

But there's also a lot of musical theatre. I sing Someone Else's Story from Chess a lot. Also The Story Of Chess, I Sit In The Sun from Salad Days, Hello Young Lovers from The King & I, and Joseph starting from the beginning (last night making dinner I got all the way up to One More Angel In Heaven).

Emily's favourite song is Nelly the Elephant. For some reason it makes her stop crying pretty much all the time. Sometimes just the first line ('To Bombay, a travelling circus came') does the trick. No idea why. Laura usually asks for Peter Rabbit Has A Fly Upon His Nose or Mm-mm Went The Little Green Frog. They both like old campfire songs as well as nursery rhymes and playgroup songs. And Laura always wants to sing the Bob the Builder theme song.

If you want to post about this, consider yourself tagged!

Thursday, 13 October 2011

My Creative Space

This is where the magic happens.

There's just about enough space for me to sit on the left there, and I can put my cup of tea on the bookshelf behind me. The biscuit tin has yarn for miniature knitting, the black bag has DK yarn for my crochet blanket, the plastic box has things like measuring tape, pin cushion, scissors etc.

Also, birdies!

(toilet paper tubes, coloured feathers, glitter glue, googly eyes, paper for beaks)

Monday, 10 October 2011

Knitting & Stitching Show

On Friday Mum and I went to the Knitting and Stitching show at the Alexandra Palace in London. We went once before, in 1998, but to be honest I couldn't remember much about it other than that it was good fun! And it was this time too, not just because it was a day out with my mum (which is great all by itself) but because we got to look at all the lovely crafty things and talk about them. We saw many a thing. Lots of yarn, of course, and buttons and ribbons and beads and fabric. I bought some DK acrylic yarn in colours I needed for Emily's crochet bed throw (more details on that another day) and Mum bought some yarn for a friend, and some very lovely silk and cashmere yarn to make a beautiful lacy cardigan for herself.

And after that we went to Covent Garden and ate pizza, and then went to the Theatre Royal Drury Lane and saw Shrek: The Musical. The show was chosen for us a bit because it was where we could get a good deal on the tickets (thanks Tim). But it was good, the set/costume design was amazing and we loved the dragon, although some of the writing wasn't great. They should have used more lines from the film than they did. But it was still good fun.

So a day of knitting and stitching, followed by pizza and a musical. I think that's pretty much my perfect day.

Monday, 3 October 2011


Laura and I have made a robot.

I did the construction (cardboard boxes, think one was from oatcakes, one from toothpaste, and one was an eggbox) and Laura did the decorating (with squares of silver paper, sparkly pipe cleaners and an awful lot of PVA glue and glitter glue). I also found an R for Robot ('What's his name?' 'Robots don't have names, Mummy.') and made his face.

Laura says he's the best robot ever. I'm inclined to agree.