Saturday, 31 December 2011

So long 2011

I'm not one of those people who ends every year by saying 'Well, this year was awful! I hope next year is better because this one was terrible!' and then say the exact same thing the next New Year's Eve. Last year I certainly couldn't say 2010 was bad, because 2010 was when my sweet little Emily was born. And I don't think 2011 was that awful either. It was incredibly stressful, probably the most stressful year of my life, what with my husband's redundancy and the nearly five months he was unemployed, and the building work that started shortly after he began his new job. But that new job is working out really well and has a lot of potential, and the building work is pretty much finished and the house is amazing (and also has a lot of potential as we get everything in place and sorted out).

I didn't get as much done in 2011 as I'd like, and this autumn/into winter in particular seems to have been pretty un-productive from a crafty point of view. But I did make three BJD pattern books this year, and I did get the Wind The Bobbin Up website up and running, among other things.

So I'm now making my plans for 2012 - personal, business, and crafty. While I won't say 2011 was terrible, on balance, I think I'd like a more straightforward, relaxing year next year. But as long as I have my little family around me, I'll happily take whatever I get.

Friday, 30 December 2011

Victory is mine!

I finished Emily's birth sampler!

(Emily is 17 months old)

The sampler was made from a kit by the Historical Sampler Company although they don't seem to make this design any more (they do still have the animal one I made for Laura as well as many other lovely designs).

Now my task for today is to frame it (HOT TIP - Ikea Ribba three photo frames are the exact right size for these long samplers, if you make four vertical cuts to the mount to remove the cross-bars).

I'm thrilled to have this finished because I was very firm with myself a week or so ago and told myself I wasn't allowed to work on anything else until this sampler was finished. Now I don't know what to do next!

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

One last Christmas craft

I did manage to sneak in one more bit of Christmas crafting one afternoon last week.

A couple of years ago a friend gave me the buttonbag winter birds kit for Christmas and this year I finally got round to opening it! I only made one little birdy but the kit made it easy to put the bird together and it was fun decorating it and choosing all the colours.

The little birdy has of course taken up residence on our Christmas tree. There are still plenty of materials in the kit, so maybe I will manage to make another one by next year.

Thursday, 22 December 2011


It's the 22nd of December today and I'm finally starting to think about Christmas. By which I mean that I've sent all the cards, bought and wrapped all the presents, and put up two trees and all the other decorations, but now that the kitchen is in and the girls' rooms are finished I finally have the head-space to actually start feeling festive. Which is a bit sad and I feel a little bit like I've been cheated out of the run up to Christmas, which normally I enjoy. For the record, building a large extension in October/November/December with two children under the age of four is COMPLETELY MAD. I would not do it again for a big clock.

But oh my new kitchen is so lovely. And the girls' bedrooms are so sweet. And the new cloakroom is so handy. And any day now I should have the tumble dryer in the house instead of the garage, which is definitely something to look forward to.

And in the meantime, Laura and I have been doing some construction of our own.

I'd been thinking of making a gingerbread house with Laura this year, but I didn't know if I'd have the kitchen/time/mental energy. Then my lovely sister-in-law gave me a gingerbread house kit for my birthday and that settled the question. It was easy to put together and I managed to distract Laura with stickers for the 15 minutes it needed to dry before we could decorate it. Now she is mad to eat it, but I've insisted it stay up until Christmas afternoon (when it shall be demolished in front of the television).

Sunday, 11 December 2011


Does that make me a grown-up now?